Eyes Wide Shut

Oct 30

This describes being a passenger when Doc is driving in Dar es Salaam, amazed that drivers can have a seven foot wide car and squeeze it into a five foot wide space.  Stop signs are mere suggestions.  Traffic lights are decorations. Lanes markers don’t exist. We drew straws to see who had to ride shotgun!  However, we had a delightful morning shopping. Made it to all our destinations for the day including wading into the Indian Ocean.  It is warmer than the Gulf of Mexico.   We tried to find tanzanite but boy was it expensive!  Have $1,000 hanging around in your pocket then you are all set.

We ended the day at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean and had a wonderful time.  It fortified us for the airport.  At this writing, we are not sure we all have seats for the final leg.

All in all, it’s been a phenomenal experience. We can’t wait to share all the details with our St. Thomas More family.  Kwaheri, Africa!