Outstation Visit

Sep 16


Today we visited an outstation. In many rural areas and some not so rural, the distance to the nearest church is too great to travel for services. Outstations have been created to provide a place for people to gather and worship. Each outstation is run by a catechist who provides weekly services and instruction; a secretary keeps records of their activities. The outstation pictured below is at Ndulis (in doo lee) adjacent to the small airport of the same name. The airport is expanding and the government has confiscated the property. A new outstation will need to be built to serve the people in this area. It is a shame as the people of the outstation have created a wonderful worship environment. They even have an electric piano/organ. The priest is only able to come to the outstation about once a month so the people must depend on themselves much of the time. This outstation has done a wonderful job.
The fields of grass that many associate with the African landscape is the home of the future teacher’s college. Across the street will be a new church for the Iringa diocese. Don’t ask how we got there. I fear Dr. Moshe will need new tires and shock absorbers!
This was all we could do today. Many businesses and buildings are closed as this is a national holiday. It is a Muslim holiday which the locals observe also in celebration of their Muslim brothers.