School Visit

Sep 16

Today we felt like I was back in school; in fact, we spent the entire day at school. It began with a trip to Sr. Aldofina’s Cooking and Sewing School. Unfortunately, the students were not there but we will be returning tomorrow to see them and make some purchases. We had brought a suitcase full of donated fabric and embroidery thread which was most appreciated. Local women were there working on magnificent hand embroidery work so we are going back tomorrow to buy some. The finished products are not stored at the school.

sewing-woman-2070s kathy-fabric-2091s









Most of our day was spent at St. Dominic Savio Primary School. Today was graduation day and we were invited. Well, this was practically an all day affair! We had songs and dances and hip hop and a play plus the expected speeches by their dignitaries. We were special invited guests with special seats of honor right in the front so we could see everything. I believe in honor of their American guests, they sang “You raise me up.” Wonderful! We informed Fr. Ulungi that we had postcard greetings from our parishioners. So he bought Kathy up on the stage to present to the students. She was not expecting that. Not wanting to disappoint any of the students on stage we prayed there were enough to distribute to the group Fr Ulungi selected. Miracles happen! The last card went to the last student. Our photographer John Solum took pictures of the students with the postcards they received. The one in this posting was particularly striking. The students felt so special to have a written greeting from America. Before we left, the current principal and a former principal had a photo op.

photo-postcard-2256s kathy-photo-cards-2254s dancers-2165s