St. Thomas More Goes to Tanzania

Sep 24

Tanzania Team

STM Parishioners Charlie O’Donnell, Stan Muessle, Kathy Howard, and Terry Houlihan.

During the month of October, four of our parishioners will be in Iringa, Tanzania to lay the groundwork for a partnership between Saint Thomas More and the Cathedral parish of the Sacred Heart. Their focus will be on supporting the educational work of the Diocese of Iringa and becoming sister parishes. Sister parishes create the opportunity to build and engender real and even long-term relationships with peoples who are of another culture and often are terribly economically disenfranchised – and to begin to see and understand the world through their eyes.  (Catholic Relief Service manual.)

On our journey we hope to keep fellow parishioners involved through a daily (or nearly so) blog. You can find it at this location henceforth, as we are putting it up ahead of time to give you a heads up. In the introductory posts, we thought we would give you a brief into to our team.

Stan Muessle

StanI am Stan Muessle, and I will be leading the team. My wife Betty and I have been parishioners since 2013, but since we moved to Tanzania for the better part of last year we are just now becoming active in the parish. I am a retired IBM executive, and managing partner of a management consulting company. After retiring I became interested in the drastic need for educational quality in Tanzania and founded an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization doing philanthropic work), Global Outreach, to utilize computer technology to address this need. We started with a single school, and 18 years later are operating in 13 Iringa region schools. We have also buiit two digital libraries that support the children of the region, and are operated on the grounds of the Kichangani Student Center under auspices of the Iringa Diocese. I will be leaving for Tanzania at the end of September to do personal work with my organization and the Tanzanian government, and will be ready to meet the other members of the team when they travel in a couple weeks.