What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is a way of life. It is a call to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is a conversion—a turning of one’s heart and mind away from one’s self and towards God and others. It is an opportunity. It is a faith response!

At St. Thomas More, we focus on 3 distinct movements of discipleship:

  • Invite
  • Get Involved
  • Equip others to foster authentic Stewardship


A welcoming environment: Invitation to become a Disciple.

By creating a safe, welcoming, & dynamic environment, we invite visitors and parishioners alike to feel comfortable beginning to discern their role in the body of Christ.

Initiatives such as our name badges, welcome packets, information desk, & new member reception aim to invite people to become disciples.  


Get involved:  a Disciple’s response

Once someone has accepted the invitation to become a disciple, they are immediately encouraged to get involved.

With over 50 ministries, discipleship opportunities abound.  In 2014, the Stewardship Team hosted a Ministry Fair that saw over 1,000 parishioners discover new opportunities to answer the call to become disciples.  CLICK HERE to see all our ministries.


Equipping ministry leaders: disciples making disciples

Finally, part of a disciple’s response is going out and making more disciples.  (Matthew 28:19)  Thus, it is a priority for us to ensure our ministry leaders have the tools and training they need to build up the body of Christ by empowering the faithful and engaging the world.  (Ephesians 4:11-12)