Everyone has a story to tell…everyone’s story is different.
 Take some time to listen to others as they share their stories through St. Thomas More.
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  • Grandparishioners - How older community members are welcoming young families

    "The older members of the community were the ones who most reflected the warm and welcoming love that our family needed at that time." Read more

  • STM Stories: Meghan

    Meghan became Catholic at a young age, but it wasn't until getting married & having a baby that she got more involved in her faith and started sharing it with others.

  • STM Stories: Nick

    Nick wrestled between his dad's church, which was not Catholic, and other Catholic churches he had been to that were not very vibrant. He describes his journey to the Church though the community and dynamic worship at St. Thomas More.

  • STM Stories: Frank Faga

    Frank has been a member of St. Thomas More for many years and played a pivotal role in it's success. Read more about his life story here.

  • STM Stories: Sheila Jellison

    Once she visited St. Thomas More over 10 years ago - she felt like she never needed to visit another parish in Sarasota. Click on the image to read more about Sheila's Story at STM.

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