Tanzania 10/15/2015

Oct 16

Our first sight of the African continent was from 42,00 feet somewhere over Khartoum.  We watched the sun set in amazing shades of red, orange and gold. We will not see much of Africa from the air as we arrive and depart at night but we have seen the Sahara Desert and its expanse of sand.  We have seen the Mediterranean Sea through a break in the clouds. How could one question the existence of God in the face of such splendor?

We arrived Tanzania around 10:30 PM surprisingly somewhat rested and ready to face our adventure. There were only a few moments of disquiet wondering if the suitcases had arrived.  But soon we were piled high with luggage and boxes. Fr. Ulungi from the Diocese of Iringa was there to meet us along with several companions.  We needed the extra man-power to hoist the packed-to-the-limit cases and boxes to the roof of the transport…that was after they fixed the flat!

How can we describe our first impressions of Tanzania.  People of all shapes and sizes and colors crowd the small terminal. It is stuffy with uncirculated and uncooled air. Everywhere there is the typical airport busyness. Signs in unfamiliar languages remind us we did not learn enough Swahili.  It is not long before the flat is replaced, the luggage and boxes secured, and we piled into the back of the African style transport on our way to St. Mary’s Spiritual Centre where we will spend the night. Tomorrow off  to Iringa.