Tanzania 2016 — The First Two Days

Sep 12
We said goodbye to Sarasota on Tuesday morning for the start of our long trek to Iringa, Tanzania. The long hours of flying, waiting in Amsterdam for our connecting flight, sore butts and stiff muscles all were forgotten as we headed into Arusha for a quick stop to unload the hikers headed for Kilimanjaro and those going on safari on the Serengheti .  In contrast to the bright orange sunset were jet black clouds of a severe thunderstorm. Flashes of lightning broke the blackness of the clouds. Quite a sight at 39,000 feet.  Our drive from Dar Es Salaam was uneventful.  Well, maybe not quite. Many baboons came to greet us, three of which were grooming themselves in the middle of the road. To ensure we didn’t miss the pictures a small troupe of elephants was feeding along side the road. They were almost close enough to reach out and touch. Several zebras did the same…so close. Impala, warthog, wildebeest and giraffe completed our viewing experience as we drove through Mikumi National Park. After a lunch of rice and beans, ugali and greens, we finished the last leg of our three day journey from Sarasota to Iringa. Two car rides, two tram rides, three airplane flights, three security checks and umpteen passport checks, we are here!
Today was an interesting day.  First, we met with old friends and new friends on the Kihesa Committee.  After an introductory Swahili lesson, we took a tour of the Boma Museum (see Masai pictures of me and Vicki. Then off to the local market where every fresh vegetable, spice, dried fish and household item could be found.  Live chickens?  Of course and even the kitchen sink.  We even found this cute cherub nestled in the produce.  He wasn’t sure what to make of us.  Tomorrow will be another first. Peter Kasanga, one of the members of the Kihesa Committee is getting married.  He invited us all to the wedding.