• STM Stories - Sheila Jellison

    Once she visited St. Thomas More over 10 years ago - she felt like she never needed to visit another parish in Sarasota. Click on the image to read more about Sheila's Story at STM.

  • Fr. Henry Message - Join our raffle!

    Our raffle continues this weekend, and new online ticket sales begin! Click on the story to watch Fr. Henrys special message.

  • Why people don't go to Church

    A video sharing why people do not go to church - but why you should invite them anyway! Click on the image to watch the video.

  • #reachingMore - Frank & OLPH

    St. Thomas More is #reachingMore through our first ever raffle, benefiting the Catholic Faith Appeal. Parishioner Frank Howard reflects on his experience at the Diocesan retreat center, Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

  • STM Stories: Jarod Johnson

    From drummer to sound engineer and beyond. Jarod continues to share his stewardship of time and talent with a community that is so "positive" and "encouraging." Click on the photo to read more!