The the 10:00am Sunday Mass will be livestreamed. 
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This weekend's songsheet can be found in the bulletin.

With expectant waiting we anticipate your coming.

Come close to us, Lord,
come very close.   

Come, Alpha and Omega,
who is from before the ages.
Come, Son of Joseph and Son of Mary,
who went down to Nazareth to be obedient to them.   

Come, Morning Star,
who named the stars.
Come, carpenter from Nazareth, 
who knows the smell of planed wood.   

Come, Beloved Son of God,
who knows the heart of God.
Come, Son of Man,
who knows the hearts of God’s people. 

Come, Lord of Life and Prince of Peace.
Come, Dayspring and Rising Sun.
Come, Wonderful Counsellor.
Come Emmanuel, God with us;
God very close to us.   


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Parishes throughout the diocese have been made aware that someone is creating fake text/email accounts using the names of priests of the Diocese and /or parish staff. Theyare using these fake accounts to contact parishioners requesting donations in the form of gift cards, Pay Pal and/or wire transfers. The messages often greet the person by name and have the priests name in the closing signature of the message. The best defense against this sort of scam is to not respond or open any worrying attachments. It is Diocesan policy that no priest or staff within the Diocese request donations in the form of gift cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, etc..

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