St. Thomas More Campus

St. Thomas More Campus
Our 20-acre Campus includes three buildings: The Church, the Spirit Center, and the Chelsea Center.

Church - The church holds the narthex, nave, sanctuary, sacristy, and chapel. Mary’s Garden is located just outside the sanctuary.

  • The narthex is the church entrance/foyer.
  • The nave is the central area of the church building where the congregation gathers for worship.
  • The sanctuary is the focal point of our worship space: it is where the liturgy is celebrated.
  • The sacristy is the storage space for clerical vestments, linens and supplies as well as where the priest vests for liturgical functions.
  • The chapel is the gathering space for daily Mass, funerals, reconciliation, and weddings.
  • Mary’s Garden is a peaceful resting place where the ashes of loved ones are interred.


Spirit Center - The Spirit Center (7,500 sq ft) contains a main meeting room, a kitchen, and three classrooms.  The main room is used for small parish events, meetings, small receptions, and monthly meetings in support of church ministries: Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts, Quilters, Youth Group and more.



Chelsea Center - The Chelsea Center (17,000 sq ft) connects four main areas: the church office, the Chancellor Room, meeting rooms, and a food pantry (located just outside the back entrance).

  • The church office includes a reception area and office space for the clergy and the administrative staff.
  • The Chancellor Room (6,000 sq ft) is used for large parish events (i.e. meetings and fundraisers) with a seating capacity of 400. An adjacent, bell-service kitchen is located nearby.
  • Meeting rooms are used by staff, parishioner ministries, Faith Formation, and RCIA classes.
  • The food pantry is located at the rear of the Chelsea Center and is used for the storage and weekly distribution of food goods to those in need.


Aerial View of the Campus