Get my child Baptized


How do I get my child baptized at St. Thomas More?

Congratulations on your new arrival!

Please call the office at your earliest convenience.  There is some paperwork and Baptism Preparation to attend.

Who May be Baptized?

Any child or person who has not been baptized by a Christian   Church may be baptized.  People over 7 years old are considered catechumen and should follow the RCIA guidelines. 

When do Baptisms take place?

Baptisms are on Saturday mornings usually at 11 AM.  The date will be selected at the time the Baptism Preparation is taking place.

What are the requirements to become a Godparent?

It is customary to have two Godparents, however only one is required for baptism. A Godparent may be either male or female. If two Godparents are chosen, one must be male and one female. A Godparent must be a fully initiated Roman Catholic (baptized, confirmed, and receiving the Eucharist), and at least sixteen years of age.  If one of two meets this requirement, and the other does not, that person would be called a witness.

Is there a fee for Baptism?

A free will donation may be made.